Goodbye Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko photo
Steve Ditko was truly an original.  His quirky style of art set him apart from his contemporaries.  His imagination seemed boundless.  Some of his creations have proven to be timeless.  Ditko was an extremely gifted man.  He may have been out of the spotlight for a long time but his influence is ever present.  I wonder if he was aware of how much his artwork and creations have impacted comic books and popular culture.   He may have shunned the limelight but his creations have been front and center in the cinema for the last decade and a half.

from-strange-tales-115Spiderman electro


Dr strange






Ditko was a true artist.  He spent his lifetime creating.  Whether he was working for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Charlton Comics, Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics or an independent publisher he continued to produce new and different creations. Ditko continued to create regardless of his conditions.  Throughout his career he received praise, accolades, criticism and apathy.  Through it all he continued to use his gifting.  He lived a long life and it would seem that he spent a great deal of it drawing.  It is said that he continued to do so up to his death at age 90.  Goodbye to Steve Ditko, a complicated man, an exceptional artist, an icon in his industry and a true original.



Ditko art



Troy T.


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