A Few Thoughts On The Shazam! Trailer

Expectations can be a dangerous thing.  Going into a movie expecting it to be fantastic can be an enormous letdown.  Over the last few years I have learned to control my expectations in regards to movies.  Sometimes this is an impossible task, especially when it comes to one’s favorite actors, franchises or genres.  I have had big expectations of the Aquaman movie since last year.  Jason Momoa’s performance in the Justice League was surprising well done.  Whoever would have thought that Aquaman could be so cool?With the Aquaman movie due to be released in December I have been waiting, a bit impatiently, for the trailer.  I was pleasantly surprised when the trailers for Aquaman AND Shazam! were recently released.  Both trailers look fantastic. After viewing the trailers a few times I was shocked to find that I am now more excited for the Shazam! movie.

I am a fan of superhero movies, regardless of whether it is Marvel, DC or whoever.  Shazam! is a part of the DC Extended Universe, which I am a fan of, overall.  As far as the cast, I am not familiar with the Zachary Levi, so I have no expectations there.  Prior to viewing the trailer it was my intention to see Shazam!.  After taking in the trailer a few times I am now extremely excited to see this movie.  I will still control my expectations as best I can.  In recent years there have been far too many mediocre movies that where preceded by a fantastic trailer.

A few years ago the decision was made to make ALL DCEU movies dark and gritty.  This was a decision that did not make sense.  To paint every movie with the same brush makes absolutely no sense.  In the post Chris Nolan Batman world, dark and gritty may make sense for some movies, but not all.  Batman, when done properly, is the very definition of dark and gritty.  Superman, Wonder Woman and others may exist in the same world as Batman, but their upbringing and life experiences do not translate to dark and gritty.  It would seem through much trial and error that decision has been made null and void.  Each movie is a totally different entity that deserves its own tonality. Shazam! is a prime example.  Here are a few quick thought after viewing the Shazam! trailer.


Shazam! the movie has a few things in its favor.  The character is a known entity to some, but overall to the general public he is an unknown.  Because of that there will be less pressure for this film to be a box office blockbuster.

Shazam! is not tied into the Justice League, so the movie should be free of any possible fan backlash from the Justice League movie.

Once upon a time comic books were about fun, a sense of wonder and  the joy of discovery.  The Shazam! trailer fully highlight these traits.

The trailer does exactly what a trailer was designed to do.  It shows just enough to intrigue while not revealing important plot points.  Prior to seeing the trailer I was curious about Shazam!.  After viewing the trailer I am now extremely excited to see Shazam!.

Zachary Levi as Shazam looks like a perfect fit.


I was curious as to how the costume would translate to the big screen.  I thought the costume looked good in the earlier set photos, however one can not make accurate judgments based solely on photographs.  I was a bit surprised at how closed they stayed to the comic book version of the costume, overall.  In spite of the abundance of bright red and the funny little white cape the costume works quite well in the trailer.

The movie looks like it will be a fun ride.  Sometimes you just want to go to the movies for an escape.  SO many movies are dark, gritty and “realistic”.  Why go to the movies to see reality when you see it everyday.  For me going to see a movie is an opportunity to escape for two hours to three hours.  Shazam! looks like it will be a fun, action filled and potentially heart warming superhero movie.

Actor Mark Strong is in the trailer for a few seconds, but he makes a strong impression. His brief scene as Shazam’s nemesis is one of the standout moments in the trailer. I look forward to his performance in the movie, he is an exceptional actor.


The Shazam! trailer, along with the Aquaman trailer, show a DCEU just waiting to expand.  I am a fan of Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League.  The less than stellar reaction to Justice League was not a good sign for the DCEU.  However, with these two new additions to the franchise the future seems quite bright.  Early buzz in regards to the trailers seems to be overwhelming positive. Based solely on the trailers the movies look like sure-fire hits.  But nothing in Hollywood is guaranteed.    As a fan of superhero movies I hope that the buzz translates to dollars.  The DCEU has had a bit of a bumpy ride of late.  The franchise is due for an easy win.



Troy T.

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