Your Ultimate Genesis Tribute Band

  Since leaving Genesis in 1977 Steve Hackett has, to varying degrees, included Genesis music in his live shows. In 2013 he took it to a whole new level with his Genesis Revisited tour where he performed an entire set of 1970's Genesis songs. Since that successful tour a Genesis Revisited set has been a … Continue reading Your Ultimate Genesis Tribute Band

Henry Cavill, Superman No More?

  It took just one film, Man Of Steel (2013), for Henry Cavill to win me over.  I was intrigued by Cavill in the initial Man Of Steel trailers.  Watching the trailers I had no idea who Henry Cavill was, but he sure looked good as Superman.  Christopher Reeve's portrayal of Superman/Clark Kent will more … Continue reading Henry Cavill, Superman No More?

One Of The Most Intriguing Characters In Mildred Pierce

The 1945 classic movie Mildred Pierce is clearly a star vehicle for actress Joan Crawford.  She shines in the title role as a mother willing to do nearly anything for her children. Her daughters Veda and Kay are the most important parts of her life.  They take priority over everything, including her marriage. The acting … Continue reading One Of The Most Intriguing Characters In Mildred Pierce