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Since leaving Genesis in 1977 Steve Hackett has, to varying degrees, included Genesis music in his live shows. In 2013 he took it to a whole new level with his Genesis Revisited tour where he performed an entire set of 1970’s Genesis songs. Since that successful tour a Genesis Revisited set has been a part of his set list along with his solo material. Many fans have applauded Hackett for carrying the torch and keeping the music of 1970’s Genesis alive.

Across the world there are more and more Genesis tribute bands forming. The two most famous are The Musical Box and The Watch. Other tribute bands are making waves like The Genesis Show (USA), Genesis Visible Touch (UK), Mama (UK) Genetics (Argentina), Rael (USA) and Carpet Crawlers (UK). There are many others around the world  keeping the fantastic music of Genesis alive in the twenty first century.

Stage Red Band

I was thinking, what if I could put together my ultimate Genesis tribute band. What musicians would I pick to go on tour playing the music of Genesis. Before someone says “I’d pick Peter, Phil, Tony, Mike and Steve!”, there is a restriction on this act of fantasy. You get to pick any musician for your dream Genesis tribute band, except for any musicians that were previously in Genesis. This restriction includes touring members as well, so Daryl Stuermer and Chester Thompson are out. So, with that restriction, who would you choose? After some deep consideration here are my choices:

Stage Instruments

Simon Collins – (Son of Phil Collins, solo artist and ex-member of progressive rock band Sound Of Contact) – drums and vocals

Gary O’Toole – (Drummer and vocalist in The Steve Hackett Band) – drums and backing vocals

Gerben Klazinga – (Founding member of the Dutch progressive rock band Knight Area) –  keyboards

Alfonso Vidales – (Founding member of the Mexican progressive rock band Cast) – Keyboards

Nick Barrett – (Founding member and driving force behind British progressive band Pendragon) – guitars

Peter Gee – (Longstanding bassist in Pendragon) – bass

David Longdon – (Vocalist/multi instrumentalist in the English progressive rock band Big Big Train) – vocals and flute

Tony Patterson – (Vocalist in the Genesis tribute band Re-Genesis and solo artist) – vocals

Mike Holmes – (Founding member of British progressive rock band IQ) – guitars

I would call my tribute band The Genesis Collective.

This is all just a bit of fun and fantasy. Who would you choose for your ultimate Genesis tribute band?

Stage Band

Troy T.



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