Captain Marvel’s Soaring Success

The runaway success of Captain Marvel is impressive.   To date the movie has earned one billion dollars worldwide. One billion dollars!  For a comic book character that is unknown to the general public that is spectacular.  Box office dollars do not necessarily equate to the quality of a movie. One can argue about the quality of Captain Marvel.  At the end of the day it all comes down to individual opinions and personal tastes.  I found Captain Marvel to be a fun and exciting superhero movie.  Brie Larson convincingly carries the movie with a performance filled with confidence, grace and just the right dash of humor.  The supporting cast, which includes Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Clark Gregg and Ben Mendelsohn, is fantastic.  Special mention must be made for co-star Annette Bening’s stellar performance.  If anything the casting of Captain Marvel shows have far comic book movies have come over the years.  Twenty years ago trying to convince actors of this quality to appear in a comic book movie would have been a losing battle.  The overwhelming success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the overall quality of many  of the movies  has big name actors seeking out roles in superhero movies.


As a movie fan you may not like Captain Marvel and that is okay  You may even be indifferent towards the movie and its success.  But there are those who do have strong negative feeling and opinions.   Some fans may be envious of Captain Marvel’s success.  Why is Captain Marvel making so much money when their favorite movie made far less.  Others may be bothered that one of the strongest charters in the MCU is a woman.  At the end of the day Captain Marvel’s success is a win for the future of the MCU.  At this phase in the MCU that is a promising thing.  Avengers: Endgame is a few short weeks away. The outcome of the movie is unknown at this time.  What characters will live or die is yet to be seen.  In the real world there are loud rumblings that Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. are done with the MCU.  Only time will tell how long each actor continues on in the MCU.  I still remain hopeful for at least one more Captain America, Iron Man and Thor movie.  If that is not the case we as fans can have confidence that the future of the MCU currently looks bright.  The phenomenal success of Captain Marvel this year and Black Panther in 2018 opens the door for more Marvel movies.  We should be treated to a series of new movies featuring an increasing number of lesser known Marvel Comics characters.  In the wake of Captain Marvel’s success I will be curious to see the reaction to the long overdue Black Widow movie.

Captain-Marvel Green costume

For those who still have issue with the financial success of Captain Marvel just look to the current state of the DC Extended Universe movie franchise.  The grand plan to spin off movies from the Justice League (2017) movie, outside of Aquaman (2018), is falling apart.  Solo movies featuring Batman, Superman, Cyborg and The Flash are now in question.  The tepid reaction to the Justice League nearly put the brakes on the DCEU.  If Aquaman had turned in less than stellar box office results the whole franchise would have been hanging by a thread.  The fallout from the lackluster box office results for  Justice League  is the loss of Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.  What a lost opportunity as Cavill and Affleck put in some of the finest cinematic performances of their respective movie alter egos.


Back to the MCU, many will ask if Captain Marvel is one of the best movies in the franchise.  Defining something as “the best” is a difficult task since personal bias is bound to creep in.  Personally I feel that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is hands down the best MCU movie to date.  Captain Marvel is a good, not great, MCU movie filled with great performances by several of the cast members.  One of the best aspects of Captain Marvel is the performance of Brie Larsen.  She carries herself with such confidence.  As Carol Danvers / Vers she spends much of the movie not knowing her past.  Despite this she works with what she knows of herself and her abilities.  Captain Marvel presents an intriguing origin story.  This is not the cliched origin story where we meet the main character before the onset of their powers.  She is almost fully formed when the character is introduced.  As the movie progresses so does the knowledge of her past and the control of her abilities.  By the movie’s conclusion we realize that we have just witnessed one of the most powerful characters in the MCU.  Those who stayed for the first after credit scene were treated to a brief sequence of Captain Marvel interacting with the Avengers.  What an incredible setup for Avenger: Endgame.

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Bar

At this time Captain Marvel will continue to add to its one billion dollar worldwide take.  Avengers: Endgame could be set to break some box office records.  Whatever the outcome of Endgame the future of the MCU looks very bright.  On the horizon are Dr Strange 2, The Black Widow and Black Panther 2 just to name a few.  Eventually there will be a Captain Marvel 2, but that would seem to be a ways off yet. Even if Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. opt to exit the MCU there are still enough capable characters for another Avengers movie.  The success of Captain Marvel helps to insure that the MCU train keeps rolling.  It also opens the door for lesser known Marvel Comics characters to potentially star in their own films in the future.  Love her or hate her, Captain Marvel is here and she is a huge success.  Regardless as to how one may  feel about the movie and its box office success it should be viewed as a win-win for and by the fans of the MCU.

Troy T.


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