September 11, 2021……..

Twenty years?  Has it really been twenty years? Have two decades really gone by since that fateful day? September 11, 2001. A day that forever changed the lives of so many of us. A day that directly impacted the United States, yet had an effect on the entire world.  The ripple effect of the tragic events of that day are still being felt to this very day. So many memories and so many emotions still resonate from that fateful time. 

On the morning of 9/11/2001, I was off from work.  I woke up and went into the kitchen to cook breakfast.  I turned on the television, barely glancing at the screen.  For a brief second I noted that the usual morning show was not on.   I briefly observed a scene with a building and lots of smoke.  I brushed it off, thinking it was a local breaking news story. The television was on basically for background noise.  I began cooking breakfast, my intent was to prepare grits and scrambled eggs.  I was barely listening to the words coming from the television speaker. Little by little I began to hear talk of an airplane crashing into a building.  As I prepared breakfast I was slowly beginning to pay more attention to the television.  Suddenly the commentator exclaimed that one of the towers of the World Trade Center had collapsed!  At once the television had my full attention. Over the next few minutes, like so many of us, I watched in shock as the events unfolded live. More of the story of what had just occurred was being pieced together for me.  When the second tower collapsed, as the world watched,  life as we knew it in America changed. The sense of security that we so confidently felt for so long was immediately destroyed. The feeling of safety that we took for granted was gone.   Uncertainty, shock and extreme fear co-mingled in the hearts and minds of so many of us  that day.  Sadness followed as we collectively mourned the needless deaths of nearly 3000 people.  Eventually anger was added to that list of overwhelming emotions.

Here in 2021 many of those emotions have subsided, yet there is still a raw nerve in regards to the horrific events of that day.  Regardless of what occurs from year to year we must Never Forget the events of 9/11.  The past year and half has seen the world deal with quite a heavy load.  COVID-19, extremely devastating natural disasters and social and political unrest have left the world in an uneasy state.  Yet, in the midst of all this we must Never Forget.  With each passing year the importance of that principal may be fading.  More than ever it is up to us who recall that day and how we felt that day to keep the flag waving.  With the passing of time we must do more than mourn and lament.  Twenty years since 09/11/2001 we must Never Forgot the past glory and majestic of the World Trade Center.  Since the towers fell we must never forget the many lessons learned from that tragic day.  More importantly we must Never Forget the countless lives that were and continue to be effected by that day.  Those who died in the attacks. Those who chose to willing give their lives to save others.  The many families and friends adversely effected by the senseless acts of that day.  Twenty years may have passed, but the events of that day continue to have a ripple effect for many of us.  Never Forget.   

Troy T.

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