Stryper’s Take It To The Cross The brand new Stryper song, Take It To The Cross, was recently released online.  The band's new album, God Damn Evil, will be released on April 20th.  Stryper has been getting quite a bit of attention since releasing the name of the album and the album cover art.  Many are questioning the meaning of … Continue reading Stryper’s Take It To The Cross


Album Spotlight: Steve Hackett – Cured

1981 was an interesting time for progressive rock.  The changing tides of the music scene are reflected in the music that Steve Hackett created for his fifth album entitled Cured.  For starters Hackett choose to work in the studio as a duo for the album.  Keyboardist Nick Magnus was brought back while the rest of … Continue reading Album Spotlight: Steve Hackett – Cured