Song Spotlight: I Am, By Michael Sweet

I can not say enough about the very talented Michael Sweet. The man can seemingly do it all. Over the last few years he has successfully lead Stryper while simultaneously working on his solo career. At 53 years old he seems to have found a new gear. He is a singer extraordinaire, a criminally underrated … Continue reading Song Spotlight: I Am, By Michael Sweet

Happy New Year And Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you too all that have read and followed this blog.  2016 was quite a year, one for the history books.  Years from now when people talk about the various news stories and events of this past year I can say that I was there. Personally it was a year … Continue reading Happy New Year And Thank You


The New Year in nearly upon us.  2015 was quite an interesting year, full of more ups than downs.  I was able to rediscover some dormant passions and interests, as well as discovering new ones.  I am greatly looking forward to the New Year. Like every new year 2016 is full of mystery, uncertainty and … Continue reading 2016