The Race For The Future

I do believe that most of us, on some level, have an interest in politics. I am not one to get to involved in deep political discussions, for various reasons. I do have my opinions but I choose to share them with a select few.

I am curious about two current areas of polictics and how history will view them. The first is President Obama’s two terms in office. Time will be the true test of his presidency. ┬áThe second is the current race to the White House. Of the current front runners two of them are rather unconventional. The other one, if elected, will make history. The ever growing presence of social media and the various outlets for 24/7 news have helped to foster a very spirited, amusing and at times outlandish race. Boring is not a word that one would use to describe this time or this race.

Looking back, what will future generations have to say about the this time period, (2008 -2016), political and socially. Take a look around, there is a lot happening in this country right now. I believe that even those who are not generally involved in politics are following the current race. Regardless of who gets elected into the Oval Office, one thing is certain, changes are coming.

Pity The POTUS?


From radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and every form of social media our current President, Barack Obama, is tracked. Love him or hate him, it is clear that he is the most media covered President in history. The man can not say a word or make a move without someone somewhere reporting, writing, tweeting, commenting or blogging about it. With so many forms of media running 24/7 how can anyone in the public eye escape? With all of that coverage comes a great deal of criticism. Is it fair to say that President Obama is the most publicly scrutinized President ever? One almost has to pity the next POTUS. All of the coverage, the press, the criticism and public scrutiny will only increase as our hungry for information increases and technology advances. Let us hope that the next POTUS is up to the task.