Let’s Play Ball!!!

Here it is late Winter 2017 and I am thinking about baseball. The Super Bowl is over and the NBA season is slowly grinding to completion. Spring Training has begun and my thoughts are turning to baseball.  I am sure that Chicago Cubs fans are still basking in the afterglow of winning The World Series. I am happy for them, it is a great feeling


My team, the New York Yankees, has not won The World Series since 2009.  Overall the team has played just okay baseball over the last few seasons. Despite that I miss baseball. I miss baseball talk on sports talk radio. I miss checking box scores and team standings every day. I miss watching the day’s highlights and top ten plays. I miss baseball period, it is the one sport that I love.

I must confess. I really did not follow the Yankees very much last season. After Derek Jeter retired in 2014 the team felt so very different. It did not feel like my team anymore. There were still a lot of familiar names and faces. But there also seemed to be as many new names and faces. And for the first time in a long time I could not always put the name to a face. My struggling team were strangers to me.


As the new season approaches I am finding myself getting excited for my team again. I do not know a lot of the names and faces, but I am excited to get to know them. I am eager to see what this new and mostly young team can do this year and the next year and so on.

As Winter 2017 prepares to turn into Spring I grow more and more excited. The early goings of Spring Training bring new hopes and new opportunities.  The start of the 2017 season is weeks away. Regardless of what teams win this year, except for the hated Boston Red Sox, I know that it will be a good season. It will be even better if my team is in the heat of a pennant race in September.  What an exciting time for a baseball fan.  Let’s Play Ball!!!!!

MLB: JUN 17 Tigers at Rockies

Troy T.

Jose Reyes- The Mighty Fallen


How the mighty have fallen. Former Mets All Star shortstop Jose Reyes has been designated for assignment by his current team, The Colorado Rockies. The Rockies have ten days to trade or release him, or he may accept a demotion to the minor leagues.

Wow! How did we get here? At one point Reyes was considered one of the most dynamic players in baseball. He is a four time All Star and he won the National League battling title in 2011 when he batted .337.

Since leaving the Mets as a free agent at the end of the 2011 season he has played for The Miami Marlins, The Toronto Blue Jays and The Colorado Rockies. He has been a solid, but steadily declining ballplayer. I hope that this recent news is not the end of career. At 33 years of age I would say that he still has a few more good years in him.

In hindsight the debate that raged several years back seems rather silly now. Many were debating which New York team had the better shortstop. Well, the team from the Bronx had a shortstop  that should be a future first ballot Hall of Famer. Nuff said.