Fantastic Indiana Jones Artwork By Danny Haas

I recently came across this fantastic poster created by artist extraordinaire Danny Haas. Haas has created a poster for the third Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. Haas' modern take on Art Deco is a great fit for the poster. His artistic approach is a departure from the highly realistic style of … Continue reading Fantastic Indiana Jones Artwork By Danny Haas

Harrison Ford, The Character Actor

One of the negatives of growing old in Hollywood is diminished box-office draw. Any aging star will attest to diminishing returns in their latter years. Over time some fans just move on. Others feel that at a certain point an actor is just too old to continue portraying certain characters. On the positive side is … Continue reading Harrison Ford, The Character Actor

Harrison Ford’s 21st Century Trifecta The teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049 was just released. The trailer offers the first glimpses of  an older Rick Deckard and the movie's release date, 10/06/2017. Upon it's release Blade Runner 2049 will complete Harrison Ford's 21st century trifecta. The trifecta being Ford revisiting his three most iconic movie characters: Indiana Jones in … Continue reading Harrison Ford’s 21st Century Trifecta