Rock And Rollers Do Grow Old And Die

Over the past several months rock music has lost some heavy hitters. Just to name a few: B.B. King, Chris Squire, Scott Weiland, Lemmy, David Bowie and most recently Glenn Frey.  Somehow we as fans want to foolishly believe that rock and rollers will never die.  In some respects rock and roll is a sort of fountain of youth.  Look at the aging artists and bands that are still recording and touring 20, 30, 40+ years after their formation.  But unfortunately rock and rollers grow old and die. Somehow we believe that because they have a microphone in one hand and a guitar in the other that they will live forever.   Sadly this is not the case.  Rock and roll may never die, but those who create it do.

Motorhead Is Dead

Lemmy passed away yesterday.  I was never a Motorhead fan.   However, being a metalhead I was always aware of the presence of Lemmy and his loud power trio.  It’s fair to say that every metalhead from the 80’s knew the band’s signature song Ace Of Spades.  As I said I was never a fan but many bands that I have listened to over the years site Lemmy and Motorhead as a major influence on their own music. Obviously I never knew Lemmy.  He was notorious for his wild rock and roll lifestyle, so in many ways it is a miracle that he lived to 70.  That being said, upon reading of his death I felt an unexplained sadness that sat with me for a time today.  Eventhough I was not a fan, Lemmy and the latest edition of Motorhead was always there rocking out, loud and proud.  Lemmy was not one of my musical heroes, but his passing brings home the fact that my own personal musical heroes will not be around forever. Motorhead is dead, long live rock and roll.