Rock And Rollers Do Grow Old And Die

Over the past several months rock music has lost some heavy hitters. Just to name a few: B.B. King, Chris Squire, Scott Weiland, Lemmy, David Bowie and most recently Glenn Frey.  Somehow we as fans want to foolishly believe that rock and rollers will never die.  In some respects rock and roll is a sort … Continue reading Rock And Rollers Do Grow Old And Die


Motorhead Is Dead

Lemmy passed away yesterday.  I was never a Motorhead fan.   However, being a metalhead I was always aware of the presence of Lemmy and his loud power trio.  It's fair to say that every metalhead from the 80's knew the band's signature song Ace Of Spades.  As I said I was never a fan … Continue reading Motorhead Is Dead