Harrison Ford’s 21st Century Trifecta

The teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049 was just released. The trailer offers the first glimpses of  an older Rick Deckard and the movie’s release date, 10/06/2017. Upon it’s release Blade Runner 2049 will complete Harrison Ford’s 21st century trifecta. The trifecta being Ford revisiting his three most iconic movie characters: Indiana Jones in 2008, Han Solo in 2015 and now Rick Deckard in 2017.


I welcomed his return as Indiana Jones with open arms. The original Indiana Jones trilogy was all that one could ask for in action and adventure moviemaking. Yet there was still a desire in me for more from this great character. It felt like there was some unfinished business. The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was a fun and satisfying way to see the character off. For me his adventures, as portrayed by Harrison Ford, now felt complete. But I am open to the role being recast, with the right young actor.


Ford’s return as Han Solo in The Force Awakens is a different story. The original Star Wars trilogy felt complete to me. There was a window of time in the late 1980’s where another trilogy, post Return Of The Jedi, felt right. But as time moved on and the actors grew older I felt that the limited window had closed. As a fan I was not clamoring to see an aging Han Solo. I understand the force of nostalgia, but I was good with the memories of a young Han Solo. The Force Awakens obviously proved that  I was in the minority. I must admit that it was good to see Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker on the big screen again. However, the only character that really made sense being involved in a new Star Wars movie was Luke Skywalker. But, that’s just one fan’s opinion.


The world of Blade Runner is wide open with possibilities. Rick Deckard is just one of a group of Blade Runners, so the story possibilities are vast. After viewing the teaser trailer I am now a bit excited and intrigued. Seeing Ford as Deckard, at least one more time, should be a thrill. I am still keeping my expectations low, but I do look forward to this long awaited sequel. Whether he is involved in further Blade Runner movies remains to be seen.

Troy T.


The Money Awakens

I am conflicted.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released a few days ago.  As I write this it would seem that I am one of the few who have yet to see the movie.  During it’s opening weekend fans all over the U.S. spent an estimated  $238 MILLION to watch this movie!  That’s not including the money that was spent on food and drinks consumed while watching the movie.  According to news sources the estimated budget needed to make the movie was approximately  $200 MILLION!   And that figure does not include the millions that have and will be spent to promote the movie.

I am conflicted because I love the movie going experience, there is nothing quite like it.  Going to the theater, waiting in line, taking your seat, watching the trailers……and than that moment when the lights dim and the movie starts.  No home theater can replace that experience, or the collection energy and emotion of a crowd while the movie is playing.  At the end of the day, for me anyway, the whole experience is about entertainment and escapism.  Here is where the conflict comes in.  We as a culture spend A LOT of money on entertainment and escapism, and for this example I am referring just to movies.  It is not uncommon for movies to have budgets of $100 to $200 million.   And than we turn around and spend upwards of $500 to $600 million, just to watch one movie!

I am conflicted because, like so many others, I love going to see big budget movies. like.  But sometimes, just sometimes, I think to myself, couldn’t all of that money be spent more wisely?  Billions of dollars spent each year in this country, just to watch movies!  With that kind of money we could help so many people in need, shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, increase the quality of education, reduce the national debt, etc, etc, etc.

So as I prepare to see the new Star Wars movie this week, and look forward to 2016 and the release of more big budget movies, I am conflicted.