Joan Crawford And Humphrey Bogart

Joan Crawford and Humphrey Bogart are known as two of the biggest movie stars of all time. Combined Crawford and Bogart appeared in over one hundred and sixty feature films. Crawford's career lasted longer than Bogart's. He passed away in 1957 and she in 1977. For much of their careers they worked for different movie studios. … Continue reading Joan Crawford And Humphrey Bogart


Album Spotlight: Erasing The Goblin By Mortification

Much like Stryper, Mortification is a bold, in your face Christian metal band. Whereas Stryper opted for melodic metal, Mortification has predominately produced extreme metal. Primarily known as a death metal band, Mortification has also released thrash metal albums, as well as more traditional heavy metal albums. Regardless of the metal subgenre the one constant … Continue reading Album Spotlight: Erasing The Goblin By Mortification