My Fantasy Steve Hackett Setlist

As a long time fan of Steve Hackett I am quite happy for his current success. His recent Genesis Revisited tours have proven to be quite popular. He recently announced another Genesis Revisited tour for 2018. It would seem that he is pleased to be playing in front of larger audiences. Hearing his brilliant touring band play … Continue reading My Fantasy Steve Hackett Setlist

Lt. Starbuck, An Appreciation

The original Battlestar Galactica (1978) unfortunately only lasted one season. But what a spectacular season it was. Nearly forty  years later and the show is still having an impact. Battlestar Galactica proudly wore it influences on its outer worldly sleeves. There is no denying the immense influence of Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) and … Continue reading Lt. Starbuck, An Appreciation

Album Spotlight: Checking Out Of London By John Hackett

John Hackett initially came into the public eye in the 1970's. His exquisite contributions to Steve Hackett's early solo albums proved to be invaluable. John Hackett would soon join his brother's touring band, playing flute, rhythm guitar and bass pedals. Many know John Hackett only as Steve Hackett's flute playing younger brother. Make no mistake, … Continue reading Album Spotlight: Checking Out Of London By John Hackett