Album Spotlight: Reborn by Stryper

Reborn is Stryper's sixth studio album, released in 2005.  It was the first album recorded after the band had reunited. In 1992 Stryper decided to disband and Michael Sweet went on to pursue a solo career. 2003 saw the band reunite to record two brand new songs for a greatest hits album.  A short, but … Continue reading Album Spotlight: Reborn by Stryper


Song Spotlight: I Am, By Michael Sweet

I can not say enough about the very talented Michael Sweet. The man can seemingly do it all. Over the last few years he has successfully lead Stryper while simultaneously working on his solo career. At 53 years old he seems to have found a new gear. He is a singer extraordinaire, a criminally underrated … Continue reading Song Spotlight: I Am, By Michael Sweet