Heroes Walk Amoung Us

What a great time to be a fan of superheroes! In any year having both Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Captain America: Civil Wars would be more than enough. But 2016 also has  X-Men: Apocalypse as well as Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles: Out Of The Shadows and Dr. Strange. As a lifelong fan … Continue reading Heroes Walk Amoung Us

Bird Of Prey: A Show Ahead Of It’s Time

I just finished watching the first, and only, season of The Birds Of Prey on dvd. Loosely based on the DC Comics series of the same name the show originally aired on The WB network from late 2002 to early 2003. Being a lifelong comic book fan, I am not sure why I skipped the … Continue reading Bird Of Prey: A Show Ahead Of It’s Time