Noirvember 2020: Please Murder Me

Please Murder Me is a film noir movie title that grabs your attention. This under the radar film noir was released in 1956.  The movie gives viewers an opportunity to experience Raymond Burr and Angela Lansbury in their younger years. Please Murder Me was directed by Peter Godfrey.  Godfrey also directed the underappreciated film noir The Two … Continue reading Noirvember 2020: Please Murder Me

Club Paradise: An Obscure Film Noir

Club Paradise, also known as Sensation Hunters, is an obscure Film Noir released in 1945.  In the movie's opening scene we observe an unknown man enter into a woman's apartment.  The door closes and soon after three gun shots ring out. The scene than slowly fades out.In the next scene we are introduced to the … Continue reading Club Paradise: An Obscure Film Noir