Brilliant Art Inspired By Blade Runner

It is well established that the look and feel of classic film noir movies provided a big influence on the landmark sci-fi film Blade Runner (1982).  I recently came across this excellent piece of art inspired by the film.  The artist responsible is named Jeremy Wheeler.  The piece is an intense depiction of the character … Continue reading Brilliant Art Inspired By Blade Runner

Song Spotlight: Prelude by Vangelis

The music created by Vangelis for the movie  Blade Runner is my favorite soundtrack music.  I wish that I could say that the soundtrack album of Blade Runner is my favorite movie soundtrack.  Unfortunately there has yet to be a proper official release that contains all of the wonderful music that Vangelis created for the … Continue reading Song Spotlight: Prelude by Vangelis

Harrison Ford’s 21st Century Trifecta The teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049 was just released. The trailer offers the first glimpses of  an older Rick Deckard and the movie's release date, 10/06/2017. Upon it's release Blade Runner 2049 will complete Harrison Ford's 21st century trifecta. The trifecta being Ford revisiting his three most iconic movie characters: Indiana Jones in … Continue reading Harrison Ford’s 21st Century Trifecta

Bogart As Blade Runner

This is such a cool image I had to post it.  Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies.  Humphrey Bogart and Harrison Ford are two of my favorite actors.  The poster's creator is Peter Stults.