Song Spotlight: Carrie Ann By Styx

Edge Of The Century is the 1990 reunion album from classic rock band Styx.  Internal tensions and creative differences lead to the band breaking up in 1984.  Thankfully the band reformed in 1990.  However it was without popular guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw.  In his place was New Jersey born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Glen Burtnik.  I count Edge Of The … Continue reading Song Spotlight: Carrie Ann By Styx


Favorite Progressive Rock Album Covers

Over the years progressive rock has produced it's fair share of eye catching and iconic album covers.  The most successful covers are not only visually appealing, but also tie-in with the music in some way. Here are several of my favorite progressive rock album covers. Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail (1976) - The … Continue reading Favorite Progressive Rock Album Covers