The Greatest Queen Cover Song?

Open up your mind to one of the best covers of a Queen song. I say this because there are quite a few Queen cover/tribute albums out there. Most are serviceable, more or less sticking to basic re-recordings of the band's hits. As a fan why bother to listen to paint by numbers cover versions … Continue reading The Greatest Queen Cover Song?


Live Spotlight: Queen – Big Spender

Queen has always been known for their outstanding live shows. A long time staple of the live Queen experience was a selection of cover songs. In the early days the band played a medley of rocked up songs from the 1950's and 1960's. The songs were made popular by artists such as Elvis, Ricky Nelson … Continue reading Live Spotlight: Queen – Big Spender

Song Spotlight: All God’s People, By Queen

I love the adventurous guitar driven music that Queen made in the 1970's. They explored so many diverse music genres including opera, vaudeville, progressive rock, classical, jazz, pop, heavy metal, blues and gospel, among others. I also love the commercial, keyboard assisted music the band made in the 1980's. The music may have been more … Continue reading Song Spotlight: All God’s People, By Queen