An Overlooked Queen Masterpiece


Many may feel that Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is their crowning achievment. Perhaps, but I would argue that The Prophet’s Song, an epic track from the same album, is a superier song. The band’s following album, A Day At The Races, contains one of Queen’s most overlooked and under appreciated gems. The song was never released as a single. It was performed live for a brief time in the mid 1970s. The song that I am refering to is The Millionaire Waltz. At four minutes and 54 seconds Queen pack more brilliance into this one track than many other bands can muster over an entire cd.

One of the many great things about Queen is that as a band they were four equally talented musicians. The Millionaire Waltz truly reflects this. On display are Freddie Mercury’s classically inspired piano playing, Brian May’s extremely impressive guitar orchestra, Roger Taylor laying down the foundation and John Deacon’s brilliant bass work holding it all together. Add on top of that Freddie’s vocal acrobatics, the band’s over the top vocal choirs and it all adds up to an epic track.

At the two minute and 29 second mark the band could have successfully ended the song. But instead at the 2 minute and 30 second mark the full band comes thundering in, bringing the song to a new level. They spend the rest of the track in a dizzying display of musical brilliance.

To truly appreciate this gem you have to listen with headphones. Sit back and enjoy a nearly five minute musical roller coaster ride and prepare to feel like a millionaire.

Goodbye Nick Menza


I have to acknowledge the death of drummer Nick Menza who passed away last night.  Nick was with Megadeth for ten years and played on the band’s best album, Rust In Peace.  Thrash metal is my favorite metal sub genre and Rust In Peace has been played numerous times in my household over the years.  He may haved died doing what he loved, but 51 years old is far to young.

Bogart As Blade Runner

This is such a cool image I had to post it.  Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies.  Humphrey Bogart and Harrison Ford are two of my favorite actors.  The poster’s creator is Peter Stults.



The Race For The Future

I do believe that most of us, on some level, have an interest in politics. I am not one to get to involved in deep political discussions, for various reasons. I do have my opinions but I choose to share them with a select few.

I am curious about two current areas of polictics and how history will view them. The first is President Obama’s two terms in office. Time will be the true test of his presidency.  The second is the current race to the White House. Of the current front runners two of them are rather unconventional. The other one, if elected, will make history. The ever growing presence of social media and the various outlets for 24/7 news have helped to foster a very spirited, amusing and at times outlandish race. Boring is not a word that one would use to describe this time or this race.

Looking back, what will future generations have to say about the this time period, (2008 -2016), political and socially. Take a look around, there is a lot happening in this country right now. I believe that even those who are not generally involved in politics are following the current race. Regardless of who gets elected into the Oval Office, one thing is certain, changes are coming.

The Future Of Blade Runner


Blade Runner is a flawed, but brilliant and beautiful movie. I can not get enough of this film. Since it’s release in 1982 I have watched it at least once every year. In Blade Runner director Ridley Scott helped to create a story so full of potential. As much as I love Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Rick Deckard, there are so many other stories to tell beyond this lone Blade Runner.

I can not understand why some fans over the years have absolutely rejected the idea of any sequels. There are other Blade Runners out there retiring replicants. Perhaps some of them actual enjoy the work. Perhaps others have been careless and accidentally retired humans. What about the beginning of the Blade Runner units? How about past and future generations of replicants.  What came before the Nexus 6 models and what would come after?   In The Terminator the T-800 was cool until we saw the far superior T-1000 in T2. There are so many stories to tell in the Blade Runner universe, why not explore them?

Perhaps some fans are afraid of a bad sequel. Even if that were to happen it would take nothing away from the brilliance of the original. Highlander and The Terminator are great movies which have been followed by a sequels of varying quality. Highlander 2 and Terminator 3 are really bad movies, but they do not lessen the impact or appeal of the originals. The first sequel to Blade Runner is currently in preproduction. I hope that it successfully expands the wonderful universe that Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford helped birth.