Beautiful Artwork Inspired By Queen

It can be a beautiful thing when music inspires art. On any given day one can scroll through social media feeds and come across various examples of fan artwork. Some of the artwork is quite good. There is a great deal of talent out there. Some of the art can be a bit amateurish but … Continue reading Beautiful Artwork Inspired By Queen

The Album Cover Art Of Prog Rock Band Cirrus Bay

U.S. based progressive rock band Cirrus Bay has been carrying the torch of 1970's prog rock since the early 2000's. To date the band has released six albums. The band's love for the genre is immediately apparent when listening to any of their albums.  The music of Cirrus Bay is highly influenced by the sounds … Continue reading The Album Cover Art Of Prog Rock Band Cirrus Bay

Pendragon – The First 40 Years Box Set

  Let me begin by stating that Pendragon's box set, The First Forty Years, is a beautifully packaged collection. The front and back covers, created by artist Simon Williams, are exquisite.  Williams is a highly skilled artist who, over the years, has created several of Pendragon's album covers.  His beautiful and highly detailed artwork is … Continue reading Pendragon – The First 40 Years Box Set