The Movie Poster Art Of Dark Victory

Dark Passage is a 1939 movie drama starring Bette Davis. Let me state how much I love this movie.  Many fans, myself included, would be in agreement that Dark Victory contains one of her best acting performances.  The movie is extremely well written and has an excellent cast.  Some of Bette Davis’ co-stars include the incredibly likable George Brent, a young Ronald Reagan and Humphrey Bogart in one of his more interesting supporting roles.

Instead of focusing on the movie itself I instead want to look at the film’s movie poster art. Like many movies Dark Victory inspired quite a diverse collection of movie posters.  Some of them accurately captured the mood of the film.  I have chosen to highlight just a few.

I belive this is the poster that is  most associated with the movie.  It is a very colorful illustration that nicely features those wonderful Bette Davis eyes.  It really does not say much about the film.  Based on this image, as wonderful as it may be, it is unclear as to what the film is about.


I love this absolutely beautiful watercolor illustration taken from the Italian movie poster for the film.  This is my favorite image from the group. The poster features an incredible image of Bette Davis, however it may be just a bit too sad. There is a sadness to the film, but that is not the whole story. Tramonto translates to sunset or nightfall, both words could be fitting titles for the film.


I really like the artwork in this Spanish movie poster.  The sentiment is very tender and loving.  However, the likeness of the two lead actors, especially Bette Davis, is not great.  Despite this it is still a fantastic poster that more accurately conveys the feel of the movie. Amarga Victoria translates to Bitter Victory.

This one is very different, and features another great image of the film’s star.  Perhaps this one is a bit melodramatic, but then again it is a melodramatic movie.  Overall this poster  does not relate enough to the movie.


Here’s another poster with a great image of Bette Davis.  But this image is a bit too melodramatic and melancholy.  Despite the sadness present in the film there is still quite a bit of laughter and light throughout.


This French movie poster is quite different.  The likeness of George Brent is nicely done. But the depiction of Bette Davis is not very accurate or flattering. Overall it is a very artsy poster. Victoire sur la Nuit translates to Victory On The Night or Victory Over The Night.


This last one is different, but it is the least interesting of the batch. Although it does display various emotional states of the main character, it does not convey much about the true essence of the movie.


It is amazing how many drastically different posters can be produced for a single movie. I consider Dark Victory to be a work of art.  Revisiting some of the movie posters  and seeing how various artists depicted the film has been fascinating.  I do not think any of the posters featured here accurately depict the overall tone of the movie.  I do understand, it is an emotionally complex movie. Creating a single image to convey the mood and essence of the film would have been a tall order.  Some of the posters work better than others and that is fine.  They may be works of art, but their ultimate purpose was the promotion of the film.  This collection of movie posters, along with many others, were created to inform the world of a new Bette Davis film, Dark Victory.

Troy T.

Dr. Jones, Meet Han Solo

Occasionally I come across artwork or a photograph so good that I just have to share it.  This great illustration featuring Indiana Jones and Han Solo is one that I felt compelled  to share.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back are two of my favorite movies.  Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors.  I am also a big fan of movies and art so everything about this illustration is a win for me.

There are other images on the internet depicting Indiana Jones and Han Solo together, but this one is by far my favorite.  A great deal of thought went into this concept. There are so many fantastic illustrations available depicting scenes from movies, or portraits of movie characters. I can really appreciate an artist who digs deep into their imagination to create a truly unique image based on beloved movie characters.  This well crafted illustration was created by artist Terry Peppers.


Troy T.

Steve Hackett: A Selection Of Album Covers


Information on Steve Hackett’s newest album was recently released. The new album, entitled The Night Siren, will be released March 24 2017. This is extremely exciting news. The man already has a very impressive discography, but new music is always welcome.

Steve Hackett has been quite prolific and productive for the last several years. He has released several solo albums and recorded an album with the late great Chris Squire. It seems as if he has been on tour nonstop. Somehow he also found the time to guest on other artist’s albums including John Hackett, Nick Magnus, Dave Kerzner, Steve Rothery, Nad Sylvan and John Wetton among others.

One of the constants of Hackett’s long career, besides his fantastic music, has been many wonderful album covers. For the bulk of his career most of the album covers featured artwork  produced by his now ex-wife, Kim Poor. An unfortunate aftermath of their divorce in 2007 was a shift to the use of photography for his album covers. Gone are the beautifully dreamlike painting of Kim Poor.

The reveal of the upcoming album cover for The Night Siren left me a bit underwhelmed. As it stands now I would rate it as one of my least favorite Steve Hackett album covers. With that being said, here are my favorite Steve Hackett album covers.

Guitar Noir (1993)

An album cover where  the colors used by Kim Poor reflect the sounds and atmospheres of the music.  A beautiful album cover for an incredibly emotional album.


Spectral Mornings  (1979)

Once again the cover, beautifully rendered by Kim Poor, reflects the feel of the music. Arguably Hackett’s definitive album musically. One could argue the same for the artwork.


Guitar Noir / There Are Many Sides To The Night (2008)

Two of Hackett’s prior albums reissued together.  The cover contains my absolute favorite photo of Steve Hackett.  I would love to have been sitting at the same table enjoying  a cup of coffee and this moment in time.


Live Archive 90’s (2001)

I love this photo, the man at work live.


Live Archive 70,80,90’s (2001)

Like Genesis, Steve Hackett over the years has effectively used lighting during his live shows.  This photo captures one of those moments.


Momentum  (1988)

An incredibly   intimate painting by Kim Poor.  A wonderful reflection of the intimate acoustic music contained on the cd.


Live Archive 04 (2004)

Another great live photo, so full of mystery.  Somehow the colors convey the sounds of the Hackett concert experience.  The filter used on the photograph gives the image an impressionistic look.


Defector (1980)

Musically and art wise Spectral Mornings and Defector are an excellent one-two punch.


Out of The Tunnel’s Mouth (2009)

The start of a new era in Steve Hackett album covers.  Kim Poor’s painting are now just  in memory.  There is something about the cover photo that has a sense of new beginnings.  As a photograph it does has a bit of a painterly quality to it.


Metamorpheus (2005)

Another fantastic dreamlike Kim Poor painting.  Like much of her work there is a sense of stillness, drama and mystery.