The Movie Poster Art Of Mildred Pierce

I count Joan Crawford among my favorite actresses.  She had quite a film career from the mid 1920's all the way up to 1970.  Over the course of her career she was given the opportunity to portray many different roles.  Perhaps her best known role is in the 1945 drama Mildred Pierce.  The film wonderfully … Continue reading The Movie Poster Art Of Mildred Pierce

Fantastic Art Featuring Freddie Mercury

There is a fine line when it comes to cartooning and caricature.  When creating a cartoon or caricature of a celebrity the main goal is to capture the likeness of that person.  When creating a caricature an artist essentially hones in on someone's most prominent features and then exaggerates  them.  How far an artist goes … Continue reading Fantastic Art Featuring Freddie Mercury