The Desperate Hours Vs. Firewall

Those who read this blog can ascertain that Humphrey Bogart and Harrison Ford are among my favorite actors.  When it comes to actors, I have devoted the most blog posts to these two screen legends.  The  filmography of both feature a wide variety of movies.  Ultimately the two actors are generally associated with a small … Continue reading The Desperate Hours Vs. Firewall


Captain Marvel’s Soaring Success

The runaway success of Captain Marvel is impressive.   To date the movie has earned one billion dollars worldwide. One billion dollars!  For a comic book character that is unknown to the general public that is spectacular.  Box office dollars do not necessarily equate to the quality of a movie. One can argue about the quality of … Continue reading Captain Marvel’s Soaring Success

Harrison Ford And Humphrey Bogart: Across Time

Harrison Ford and Humphrey Bogart are two of my favorite actors. Over the years I have seen the vast majority of their movies.  The filmographies of both actors are lengthy, impressive and diverse.  Obviously they have never appeared in a movie together.  Ford was just a teenager, and far from a Hollywood career, when Bogart … Continue reading Harrison Ford And Humphrey Bogart: Across Time