Album Spotlight: Steve Hackett – Cured

1981 was an interesting time for progressive rock.  The changing tides of the music scene are reflected in the music that Steve Hackett created for his fifth album entitled Cured.  For starters Hackett choose to work in the studio as a duo for the album.  Keyboardist Nick Magnus was brought back while the rest of … Continue reading Album Spotlight: Steve Hackett – Cured


Some Highlights From 2017

This is not necessarily a year end best of list.  Below you will find several entertainment highlights that really stood out for me in 2017.  The list includes movies, television shows, concerts and music releases.  Besides, best of lists are highly subjective. Justice League - What a treat to finally see this team on the … Continue reading Some Highlights From 2017

My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter Y -Yuka & Chronoship

In simple terms Yuka & Chronoship is one of the coolest bands in my music collection. The music produced by this Japanese progressive rock band is an absolute delight to listen to. This highly talented four piece produce music that combines progressive rock with jazz and new age music. In band leader Yuka Funakoshi there … Continue reading My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter Y -Yuka & Chronoship