Roger Taylor, Still Riding The Wild Wind

  A big Happy 67th Birthday to Roger Taylor, the beat behind Queen. Roger Taylor, much like Phil Collins, is so much more than just a fantastic drummer. Roger is also an excellent singer and songwriter and a solid guitar player. Although he may have been the third vocalist in Queen his voice helped to … Continue reading Roger Taylor, Still Riding The Wild Wind

Michael Sweet’s One Sided War

Stryper's lead singer Michael Sweet will soon have a new solo album out called One Sided War.  A music video featuring a new song called Bizarre was released today. Stryper is one of my favorite bands and I am a huge fan of Michael Sweet's solo career.  Anyone following Michael Sweet's musical activity over the … Continue reading Michael Sweet’s One Sided War

He Will Rock You

Happy 69th Birthday to one of my favorite guitarists, Brian May.  What a great day to highlight my favorite Queen song, Brighton Rock. This blistering rock track is from the brilliant 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack. This was Queen's third album, where they truly established their unique signature sound.  Brighton Rock is the opening track … Continue reading He Will Rock You