Another Win For DC Comics TV


  I have to admit that I was wrong. Late last year the next DC Comics superhero themed television show was announced. Following on the success of Arrow and The Flash would be DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. A show featuring Rip Hunter, Firestorm, The Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, White Canary, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Really?!?! This seemed like a show that no one asked for and a team that no one wanted. I was beyond skeptical. Who would want to watch this silly show?

  When I watched the first episode I did so with VERY low expections. To my great surprise I actually enjoyed the show! Somehow this oddball, ragtag collection of heroes and villians wrapped up in a sci fi, time travel storyline works! My first impression, this seems to be DC’s attempt to replicate some of what made Marvel’s sci fi themed Guardians Of The Galaxy a success. Secondly, there is a surprising focus on the emotional side of the various characters and their back stories.

  I must say that four episodes in and I am really liking this show. I’m not sure how far they can take the time travelling premise.   I’ll worry about that later, in the meantime I plan to sit back and buckle up as the team travels through time attempting to defeat the immortal  Vandal Savage.  I am sure they will somehow work out a three part crossover with Arrow and The Flash. That could be fun!

While The City Sleeps


I love the nighttime. When I say “nighttime” I am referring to the small hours, the time between midnight and dawn. For as long as I can remember I have been a night owl. I feel more awake, more alive, more energetic at night. I feel more creative and more productive at night. I generally have my best workouts at night. For me the nighttime is the right time. If it were possible I would stay up late every night. When everyone else is asleep, that is my favorite time. During that time it feels as if I am the only person alive. I can enjoy the stillness and solitude that only seems to be available when the rest of city is asleep.

The Super Bowl: Must See TV, Or Else



Football fans facinate me.  Generally speaking, regardless of what teams are playing the fans are watching.  With baseball this is not the case, baseball fans want to watch their team. This is especially true in the World Series.  My team’s not playing? I have no interest in watching. That seems to be the concensus amoung baseball fans.

This is far from the case with the Super Bowl, nearly every football fan is watching.  And now everybody else seems to watch the Super Bowl, whether they like football or not.  And to add to that they expect that everyone else is watching as well.  I haven’t watched since Super Bowl 42, which was an amazing game.  I do enjoy football, but I haven’t felt compelled to watch in a few years.  I am a huge baseball fan, so The World Series excites me, whether my team is playing or not.

Over the last few years, the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday, various people will ask me, “What did you think about the game?”  My response of, ” I didn’t watch the game” is rewarded by an incredulous look that basically says, ” You didn’t watch the game, what’s wrong with you?!?!” Just because everyone else is watching does not mean that I have to.  For me the conclusion of the Super Bowl means two things: football season is over and baseball season is just around the corner.

A True Shining Star

Maurice White……….wow.  I first heard the music of Earth, Wind and Fire as a kid back in the late 70’s and I have been a big fan ever since.  I believe as I’ve grown older that my love and appreciation for this great band has grown as well.

In 2013 the band released their most recent studio album, Now, Then And Forever.  It was their first not to feature Maurice White.  It is one of their best albums in many years.  Although Maurice White was not involved his spirit and legacy are all over the recording.  That’s quite a testimony to the band’s founder and leader.

Earth, Wind and Fire combined elements of rock, pop, jazz, rhythm and blues, disco, funk, dance and world music and created such a unique sound. The blending of the voices of Maurice White and Philip Bailey was magical.  That sound, those voices, over the years, has been such a huge part of the soundtrack of my life.  He will be missed.