My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter Y -Yuka & Chronoship


In simple terms Yuka & Chronoship is one of the coolest bands in my music collection. The music produced by this Japanese progressive rock band is an absolute delight to listen to. This highly talented four piece produce music that combines progressive rock with jazz and new age music.


In band leader Yuka Funakoshi there is a vocalist in place. But the bulk of the band’s music is comprised of wonderfully crafted instrumental progressive rock. Often times Funakoshi has utilized her voice as another instrument in the music. There are instrumental passages with wordless vocalizations.


The musicianship of the band’s four members is exceptional. Yet what really sets the band apart is the songwriting. The bulk of the music is written by Funakoshi, but the whole band is involved in the music’s arrangements. The keyboards and pianos may be the lead instruments, but these songs flourish because of the efforts of entire band. Yuka & Chronoship is a team effort. Each member does their part to support the framework of each song.


When listening to the whole of the band’s music it becomes apparent of the immense talent of each band member. One aspect of Yuka & Chronoship’s talent is exhibited in their restraint. The band’s style is atmosphere over virtuosity. There are times when the band cuts loose musically. But overall this band plays for the benefit of the song.


This band of veteran musicians has produced three albums so far. The albums are Water Reincarnation (2011), Dino Rocket Oxygen (2013) and The 3rd Planetary Chronicles (2015). They have proven to be very talented at giving their albums imaginative and original names. This is just another component that makes this band so incredibly cool.


Yuka & Chronoship may be a young band, but the members are all veteran musicians. Combined they have many years of experience in the music industry. That experience accounts for the maturity in their musicianship and the sophistication of the songs arrangements. Yuka & Chronoship are definitely highly recommended.


Troy T.


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