Phil Collins’ True Legacy

I will be the first to admit that it is difficult to watch your heroes grow old. As a fan you want to see your favorite actor, singer, guitarist, etc. stay young forever. We know that this is impossible, yet we are often times shocked when our heroes get old.


Phil Collins is one of my biggest musical heroes. I have been a fan of his work with Genesis and as a solo artist since 1981. Over the years he has endured a great deal of criticism for being a musical workaholic. Music is one of his passions so God bless him for finding success doing what he loves. Isn’t that what so many of us strive for in life? The man’s passion has brought joy and happiness to millions across the world.


Phil Collins is now sixty six years of age. Unfortunately he has a bit more wear and tear on his sixty six year old body due to his lifestyle choices. After reading his autobiography, Not Dead Yet, it would seem that he is quite fortunate to be alive today. For that I am extremely thankful.

Barclaycard British Summertime: Phil Collins

He recently started his Not Dead Yet music tour. It is quite apparent that he is not the strong, vibrant, energetic performer that he once was. For now he is opting to sit down for the bulk of his show. One thing that has not changed much is that voice. The man can still sing and his passion for the music still remains.


Some fans have stated that it is sad to see Phil Collins in this state. A few have gone so far as to insinuate that he is being selfish by touring in his present condition. I do not see it that way. This man and his music are still bringing joy and happiness to many fans. He has a touring band that loves to play behind him, including his son Nic on drums. Also think about all of the behind the scenes support team getting paid. This tour goes way beyond being about just one man.


One of the overlooked aspects of the tour is his commitment to his family. He is helping to create a lifetime of memories for his son Nic. After reading Phil’s book you know that one of his biggest regrets is missing so much time with his children. The man spent decades touring the world. He brought incredible amounts of joy to millions through his music. But some of that came at the expense of his family.


In many respects we have his youngest children to thank for this new tour. They are too young to have experienced what some have taken for granted. They did not witness how dynamic a performer their father was. He was at the forefront of  the music scene as a solo artist and with Genesis. Their father’s passion for music led him to not only create his own music, but to also assist others. For a time he was an in demand record producer. No matter how big he became he never stopped helping other artists. He frequently lent his talents to others, in the recording studio and on stage. That great passion was misunderstood by many who criticised him. The man just wanted to make music. His youngest were not around to witness this great time.


As fans we should truly appreciate what we have in Phil Collins. It may be a long time before we witness another musical talent like him. A passionate singer, one of the best drummers in all of popular music, an excellent songwriter and a skilled producer. All of these and more describe Phil Collins. I can truly appreciate the man as a musician. But more importantly I can appreciate him as a father. I know that what is happening now with this tour will greatly impact his son Nic for the rest of his life. Music is a great thing, but family is so much more important. I applaud Phil Collins for making this choice. You can not change the past. But you can learn from it and try to do better. I would say that Phil Collins is doing that quite well these days.


Troy T.

11 thoughts on “Phil Collins’ True Legacy

  1. Spot on. Even though Phil
    has to sit down, he has certainly done himself proud and as you say Nicholas takes after his Dad on drums. I really enjoyed the concert and had a great time.

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  2. Bravo! Well said. I saw Phil at BST in Hyde Park last week and he smashed it. I’ve been a fan since the very early Genesis days when Phil was best known for his drumming and beautiful backing vocals and then his absolutely stunning work on the kit with Brand X before he took over the lead singing role in Genesis. It’s true that people knock him, but they have no right and as you say he is following the path that matters to him at this time. We should be grateful.

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  3. Absolutely spot on. Having been through similar domestic episodes in my life, this, and Phil’s book rings so very true. I was at Hyde Park on Friday and I was happy to see Phil performing so well. He looked and sounded so much better than even a month ago. I wish him well.

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  4. Well-written and very true. I’ve been a Phil fan since I was a little kid, and he has really influenced and bettered my life in so many ways. I say good for him if he wants to tour! I think it’s great! And from what I’ve heard, Nic is doing a fantastic job behind the kit, too. 🙂

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