Iona, Gone But Not Forgotten


Recently I was driving.  I love to drive while listening to music.  My iPod was on shuffle and I was enjoying one great song after another. Eventually a song by one of my favorite bands, progressive rock band Iona, was playing. Listening to that song made me realize how much I miss this band. I love their uplifting and intelligent music. There is something special about their brand of progressive rock. Iona’s unique  mix of progressive rock, Celtic music, new age, folk and jazz is enchanting. Their music truly transports me to a new and different place. After a twenty seven year run the group disbanded in 2016. Every band has their time whether it is one year or fifty. With seven studio albums, four live albums and one box set, Iona has left behind an abundant legacy of captivating music. The Iona discography is supplemented by numerous solo projects by the band members. There is plenty of Iona and Iona related music out there to keep fans happy for a long time. I am so thankful for all of the incredible music that the band created. The main players from the band continue on, performing and creating new music apart from Iona.   The last Iona studio album was released in 2011.  A part of me is still hopefully for another album. Only time will tell. The band has so many fantastic songs. Below are my ten favorite Iona songs.  As wonderful as these songs are they only scratch the surface of the richness and depth of Iona’s music.


Vision Of Naran – (Iona – 1990)

Brendan’s Voyage – (Beyond These Shores – 1993)

Edge Of The World – (Beyond These Shores)

Murlough Bay – (Beyond These Shores)

Beachy Head – (Beyond These Shores)

Everything Changes – (Journey Into The Morn – 1995)

Light Reflected – (Open Sky – 2000)

Hinba – (Open Sky)

White Horse – (Another Realm – 2011)

Let Your Glory Fall – (Another Realm)


Troy T.

5 thoughts on “Iona, Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Could not concur more wholeheartedly. IONA holds such a special place for me. They do indeed transport me to “Another Realm” (pun intended). Their music is true art which is a lofty title that few hold in today’s “music” imho. And related to IONA, have you heard Frank’s solo instrumental project he released last October called “Sanctum?” It has that same caliber, it is art and so beautifully crafted. Check it out if you haven’t.

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    1. Their music is beyond words.

      I have heard Frank Van Essen’s recent album a few times. I ordered it recently and hopefully it will arrive this week. I also enjoy Dave Bainbridge’s solo albums and some of Joanne Hogg’s as well.


  2. Hi! Like what you write. I Also listen to music a lot. I like to drive and listen. Music is what feelings sound like!
    In march I was in London at s Paul Carrack-concert. 14th of May I’m going to se Roger Hodgson in Stockholm and in November Marillion at Royal Albert hall.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for reading. I like your comment, Music is what feelings sound like. Music is amazing and there is nothing like live music, when it is done right.


      1. I listen a lot and go to concerts a lot too. Yesterday ex-Supertramp-singer Roger Hodgson in Stockholm. In march Paul Carrack in London and Eagles 8 june in Stockholm. Nice!


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