Song Spotlight: Brian May And Kerry Ellis – Golden Days

Brian May is a man who remains busy.  He has tirelessly worked to keep the flame of Queen brightly lit.  For a time after Queen disbanded he pursued a solo career.  His last solo album was released in the year 2000.  It would seem that his interest in a solo career is over.  That is a bit of a letdown to those of us who are fans of his solo albums. However, that does not mean that Brian May has stopped making new music.


Over the last several years Brian May has opted to work with singer Kerry Ellis. May produced Ellis’ debut album Anthems (2010). To date May and Ellis have toured together and released two albums as a duo. The title of their first album is Acoustic By Candlelight.  It is a live album that was released in 2013. Their most recent album, released in 2017, is entitled Golden Days. The album is a collection of rock and pop songs.  The thirteen tracks consist of original compositions and several cover songs.

Golden Days, written by Brian May, is the album’s third track. The song is a laid back mid tempo ballad.   The song begins with some exotic instruments and then gives way to sparse instrumentation.  Kerry Ellis’ beautiful vocal enters and is the focal point.  After the second chorus the music picks up in intensity.  The familiar sounds of Brian May’s majestic guitar are now heard.  Ellis brings up her vocals to match the song’s new dynamic. Ellis is a very powerful singer, she displays some of that power here, but carefully controls her voice. Before you know it everything drops out, ever so briefly, and the song returns to it laid back beginnings.



Kerry Ellis follows in a line of fantastic singers that Brian May has chosen to collaborate with.  From Freddie Mercury to Paul Rodgers to Adam Lambert. Golden Days, the song and album, is a showcase for Kerry Ellis’ phenomenal vocal abilities.  I look forward to more new music from this pairing.


Brian May - Rhapsody - Kerry

Troy T.


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